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About me, always hard to put into words a description about myself. We always see ourselves differently than others do. My likes: I love sports, all kinds. Especially NASCAR and baseball. Yea, strange I know, a bleeding heart liberal who likes NASCAR and country music. But here I am. I also am profoundly proud of the relationship that I have with my children and my family. They made me who I am today. Pink is my favorite color. I like all kinds of music, except perhaps rap. I am a rabid NPR listener and love my doggie. I work full time, am a semi-vegetarian, a voracious reader and a wanna be writer. Doing all that I do in the beautiful South Florida sunshine.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Is not a very becoming character trait. And one that I abhor.  So if it is the way "I eat now" then why the fuck is the scale moving up. Oh, wait, because I haven't been practicing what I preach. 

So, there. Now I faced the scale and I have decided that I really need to get back and what a minute, if it is the way I eat then why do I need to get back. i need to not eat like that is what it is. Focus on the veggie's.

Like Jodie said, it isn't rocket science, stop shoveling shit into your mouth and get up off of the couch.  Pretty simple. 

So do it already. You know the drill. it should be easy now that it is
#1 Summertime, less responsibilities
#2 No relationship to worry about
#3 Because it is time.

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