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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Accountability and Mother's Day

I'm looking for some accountability and the usual methods aren't working. I tune in to several blogs on a daily basis and I was thinking that maybe if I wrote down what I was going to eat and posted pictures here that it would help to keep me accountable. You know?   Well, I don't really expect a response since no one really knows about this blog.  

In addition to this, I'm announcing that my weigh-in dates are on Thursdays. I changed it from Tuesdays because, this allows me to have a little flexibility on the weekend and time to do damage control by weigh in day. Now, this may or may not be the best way to go about it. I'm sure that will be something I discuss with Dr. K tomorrow. My therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Another source of accountability. I also have a lot of friends on the WW board that I know would help keep me in check. But I need more. It hasn't worked. It won't until I decide to make it work.

All of this has to come from within.  I know this now.

And with that said, it's Mother's Day. My children woke me up this morning with a card and a gift bag. I have a really special Aunt who made sure that they had something to give me. See, I'm a single mom, in case you didn't know, and while I do have a boyfriend, it really isn't his job I suppose, to make sure that my kids have something to give me on Mother's Day. Not to mention that he lives like, two hours away. So they woke me up, gave me some beautiful gifts and a card. With that, I got up and went to make coffee. I'm not a morning person, so I tend to move a little slower in the am. Especially before coffee.

Then I made breakfast: Oat bran custard w/strawberries, bananas and a dollop of almond butter. On the side was a happy Arnold thin w/a spread of some strawberry jam.

That was breakfast. 

I got the idea of posting pictures from some other blogger friends of mine. I figure if I have to write about it here...I may be less apt to eat junk. But I promise to write about it here if I do.

I'm off to get dressed and go to my Uncles' house for the day. It's our typical holiday retreat spot as he has a pool and the kids love to go in it and I love to sit out on his lanai and read a book while they do. Usually several family members follow me out there but I'm ok with that, usually. I'll try to take pictures of what I eat there.

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