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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The second half of Memorial Day

This went about as bad as it could.

I did get a lot of my errands done. But when I came home and started cutting up watermelon I cut the crap out of my thumb. Needed stitches but didn't feel like waiting around and paying $100 for about 3-4 stitches so I had my aunt come and bandage it.  

Then while I was sleeping, my DS (17 w/o) decided to get arrested and he spent the majority of Monday in the Juvenile Assessment Center.  And now has a court date on july 2. Smack in the middle of when I was supposed to go on vacation.

Apparently, I have a boyfriend in name only. At least that is how it feels.  He didn't want to come over at all on Memorial Day, and then is going out of town for work during the week. Obviously isn't making any effort to come over this weekend, as evidenced by the comment that his mom and brother are coming to see him. He has the kids, since we've all spent time together I would have imagined that we would have made plans. Nope. Not a mention, not even when I made a comment about not seeing him until June. Because after this weekend it's Shy's birthday and I'm then going to Orlando/Daytona for the following weekend.  

I've always said it. If a guy is interested, then they make the time. As he did initially, and up to now.  Now, he isn't and I can only go by that he just must not be that into me. I realize he's dealing with a lot and I'm understanding to a point. But honestly, I've seen this movie before.

So, fine, I will go about and do my thing. If he wants to come along that's fine. Although, to be honest even though he knows my children, I'm hesitant to let him be around them anymore or to be around his anymore. I don't want to get attached or let my daughter become more attached than she is. Thankfully, she hasn't mentioned it or asked other than to talk about the day we all hung out. Such a shame, she had a such a good time too.

Obviously, I'm being negative Nancy about this relationship, but like I've said, I've been here before. I can see the writing on the wall. What an idiot. His loss.

This didn't really discuss any food.  Other than the watermelon that I almost lost a thumb for. It was good.  Otherwise, I've been eating like shit and I haven't worked out at all. I wanted to get up early today to do a work out, but staying up until 1am watching Sex and the City reruns isn't conducive to that.

Shy is sick, again. So my Aunt will take her to the doc. I think it's an ear infection. Since that is what she started complaining about last night.

Ugh, I gotta go get ready for work. I hope for some more positive posts tonight.

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