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Thursday, August 7, 2008

21 Days to a Habit

Willow on the weight watcher boards talked about this, actually several people did, and It got me to thinking. If I can wake up at 5am for the next 21 days, weekends notwithstanding, can I make this a habit. 

Will I get back to where I used to LOVE working out and would plan the day's activity's around working out rather than the other way around and trying to fit the work out in. Can I make the work out be a priority again. I don't know, but Jodie says that your body will do whatever your mind tells it to and that yes, whatever you say you can and will do, you can and will do.

So, thanks to Michele, my Board friend from Savannah, I got up at 5am. I didn't want to and actually thought about telling her not to text me until starting next week, but thankfully she held strong and was like, what's your number etc. So, I figured, look if this person who has never met you face to face is willing to be responsible for helping, then the least I can do is appreciate the help and get up. And boy did I try to find excuses, I said, I could text her then go back to sleep, but that would require me being dishonest later in the day, and I loathe dishonesty.  

then I thought, well I can get up and do chores or write or other stuff, but again, I would have to face the questions on the board, and I didn't want to have to either be dishonest, or not have done my part of the bargain. So I got up. I rode the bike. I even did a toning routine. Which is all not a "big" workout but like I discussed before, athletes don't just wake up one day and say, hey, I want to be in the olympics. They practice, and train, and practice some more.

So I did Day 1.  Day 8 or 9 is when I falter, so I shall try to post everyday about this. Maybe the accountability will help.


michelejag said...
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michelejag said...

Dude you can make it a habit, you just need to stay strong. You're the reason I didn't push snooze on the fucking alarm clock this morning.

Talk about motivation. I actually was able to take a long shower this AM without rushing!

I'll always be there to push you if you push back when I need it.

I need a permanent spell checker cause I suck at it.