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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

I find that the structure that the work week provides is more conducive to my OPness than the free for all that the weekend offers.  Not having a boyfriend helps, because I don't have to deal with his/kids eating habits etc. Not that they were bad, it just gave me one more thing to struggle with.  

So in tackling this issue, I have decided that I can give my weekends a little more structure. All of this is in my control, which is strangely comforting to me as little else in my life is truly completely under my total control. Everything else is partially under my control, but events are usually impacted by others actions.  Which is a digression from my original intent of this post but important nonetheless.  If I need to be in control, and the only thing I can truly control is my OPness, then why don't I.

I do.  At least I have this past week, in it's entirety which has not happened in far too long.  Saturday and Sunday should be easy to structure, at least to some extent.  Because I mean honestly people, it's just three meals, another day in the life. This isn't rocket science or trying to come up with a new economic policy that would be equitable and fair for all of us. It's figuring out my days off. Easy as pie.

Saturday's entails errands and shlepping the kids around.  Well, not all of them. The biggest one sleeps until noon usually, unless he has to work, and the littlest one is still in the "Mommy is my best friend" mode and therefore will just want to be with me. 

AM: wake up, ride the bike or other exercise routine I have. Make coffee, have breakfast. Plan out weekly meals and grocery list.  Go to the pool if weather permits
Come home for lunch
Afternoon: go to the grocery store, run any other errands necessary, playdates, etc. snack can be  a latte from Sbux 
Dinner time: come home for that
Evening: chores, etc, card games with kiddos

Sunday: AM the same, except start to cook for the week..pool or park
Lunch at home, obviously
afternoon: watch race/sports while finishing up chores and cooking/planning/prep

See, was that so hard.

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