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Saturday, October 24, 2009

It isn't a thriller in OT when you are on the losing side of the thriller

What a day.

I ran errands in the morning and did some housework. One of the errands was heading to the store to replace my Hurricanes hat which broke while I was getting dressed. Under normal circumstances a broken and unwearable Hurricane cap would not have required an immediate replacement. BUT, today was no ordinary Saturday. I was heading to the Clemson vs. Hurricanes game this afternoon and I needed to be sporting my UM pride.

Sadly, it didn't do anything for the team.  But the view from the box was amazing!

The game was exciting I suppose. since there were 12 lead changes. But, we lost it ourselves.  There was a lot of sloppy play where we weren't covering in the secondary, we were giving the opposing QB too much time to throw AND the penalties were ridiculous but warranted half the time.

Anyhow, I still love my 'Canes!

In other sports related activity, the Yankees and Angels game was postponed to tomorrow. The Dolphins play New Orleans tomorrow. You know, the New Orleans team that is still undefeated. The NO team that has Drew Brees, the quarterback we passed on.

I'm fading fast but I wanted to come on and say hi. Good night all.

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