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About me, always hard to put into words a description about myself. We always see ourselves differently than others do. My likes: I love sports, all kinds. Especially NASCAR and baseball. Yea, strange I know, a bleeding heart liberal who likes NASCAR and country music. But here I am. I also am profoundly proud of the relationship that I have with my children and my family. They made me who I am today. Pink is my favorite color. I like all kinds of music, except perhaps rap. I am a rabid NPR listener and love my doggie. I work full time, am a semi-vegetarian, a voracious reader and a wanna be writer. Doing all that I do in the beautiful South Florida sunshine.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Went Running

I almost didn't. I almost dragged my clothes and running shoes back into the car without using them. As I had been doing this entire week. And last week as well, if I'm being honest. But not today. Got to the door of the bathroom and without thinking just went into the big stall to change my clothes. I started to make excuses...there's laundry to do...I'm 15 minutes late...it's set me even more behind...I'd rather just go eat dinner and read a book. But then, I thought to myself, remember that feeling. You know the one. That feeling of having just powered through something that you didn't want to do but knew that you would feel great if you did it anyway. The feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of sweat running down your face and the after effect of stretching. How good it is to stop running after you've done it for so long. You know,"C'mon! Just get through this next 2 min/song/to the next tree/corner whatever the case may be milestone. Then I can walk", you tell yourself. Well, I hadn't felt that in a very long time. AND, my friend D wants to run a 5K on 10/31. Well, that's just two weeks away. If I'm going to do that, then I definitely need to get my ass out there. So I did. And man did it feel good.

Not all the time, and definitely not at first. But when the sweat started dripping down my face and I had those running songs on. Well, it was like visiting with an old friend. It just felt good.

I did almost three miles today. I can totally handle that. Watch out. I'm back.

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christie, honoring health said...

Yay!! I'm happy for you, Rita!!