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Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to work

After being off for a week and pretty much doing nothing but shopping with my mom, it's back to work for me. Blah.

I suppose I should be thankful to have a job to go to, and I am. I particularly like my job and the people I work with, so I should be doubly thankful. And I am. I still would rather not work. Or at least not be tied to having to work. But then I suppose, who wouldn't??

The bright side of having to go into work is the uninterrupted reading time at lunch. Always looking to find a positive point to everything.

What am I eating today?? I've not been following any program. Or even eating intuitively. Mondays are notorious for starting over and far be it from me to try and buck that trend. I'll be counting points again my friends. In an attempt to stop the cycle. If I just cut out the snacking I'm relatively certain that I would drop at least 5 pounds. Let's go with that.


And again.

Until I get it right.

Finally finished Mansfield Park. Boy, that Aunt Norris is a piece of work. I would have told her off about a million times and most of Jane Austen's heroines would have as well. But Fanny was definitely a meeker and subdued character than her normal ones. It did wrap up rather quickly which was slightly surprising to me, but I enjoyed the book nonetheless. It was more difficult to get into than her other books.

Now, I'm reading Neuromancer by William Gibson, which is a sci-fi classic from the 80's along with The Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes which is a chick lit book from England (or Ireland as the case may be). Both are really good if not totally different. I pick each one up depending on my mood. I'll bring Neuromancer to work with me today. I'm further along in that one than I am the other.

I did go book shopping again this weekend. I can't help it. I have so many books now, but when I see them so cheap, I have to pick them up, especially if the title's are on my TBR list.

Ugh, time to get ready for work. Maybe I'll post pictures of my food later. If it's blogworthy that is.

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Meggilizz said...

I had the same idea when I was coming back from lunch--I WISH I DIDN'T HAVE TO WORK!!!!

I love Marian Keyes! All of her books are good reads even if they are Chick-Lit. Cecelia Ahern is good too. :)