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About me, always hard to put into words a description about myself. We always see ourselves differently than others do. My likes: I love sports, all kinds. Especially NASCAR and baseball. Yea, strange I know, a bleeding heart liberal who likes NASCAR and country music. But here I am. I also am profoundly proud of the relationship that I have with my children and my family. They made me who I am today. Pink is my favorite color. I like all kinds of music, except perhaps rap. I am a rabid NPR listener and love my doggie. I work full time, am a semi-vegetarian, a voracious reader and a wanna be writer. Doing all that I do in the beautiful South Florida sunshine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Early Sunday

The dog doesn't realize it's Sunday and her barking was my alarm clock this morning. She wanted to go out and since she didn't do all of her business last night, I knew that she had to go. So I stumbled out of bed and took her. She rewarded me by promptly doing her thing. I'm up early this morning as I'm headed to Wal-Mart at 8am. They have a Compaq laptap on sale for $300 and I definitely want to see if I can snatch one up for the younger two kiddos. It'll mainly be my middle son's but I know that my daughter will want to use it as well.

I know that the name of this is "It's the Way I Eat Now" but to be truthful there hasn't been anything to report there. I haven't been eating the way I should. I am still snacking way too much at night. It's a binge to me, but it isn't an all out crazy kind of binge. Hah, even when I am out of control I try to have control. I've been thinking of changing the name to accurately reflect what it is that I'm talking about here.

I do need coffee, desperately. I stayed up watching the last two episodes of Nurse Jackie on Showtime and the last Weeds episode. Nurse Jackie is such a funny show. I love it. Edie Falco does an amazing job and really shows her acting skills as this character is so different than Carmela Soprano. Which I also watched the end of Season 4 this weekend. Today, after Walmart I plan on watching some Mad Med, Season 2. I'm also going to make some headway in Mansfield Park and decide on another book to read after that one. It'll be a light hearted chick lit one I'm sure.

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