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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obstacles can be blessings, it's all in your perspective

I read this somewhere yesterday. Actually what the line was, "God puts blessings in your path, it's up to you to view them in a positive or negative way. I could definitely follow this line of thinking. I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday re: the BF situation and she said (she's known me some 14 years) that this is the first time that she has seen me so mature and relaxed with a relationship regardless of whether there is some emotional turmoil. She told me she was proud of me and that maybe his lack of enthusiasm is a good thing for me since I seem to be dealing with it well and learning how to be in a relationship without going overboard.

And it seems that is how I felt once the initial jolt left. Of course, I am not going to make any decisions while in an emotional state and yea, I am probably ready for something serious, finally, and he isn't. But instead of viewing this in a negative light, I am going to look at it in a positive way. I am pretty content with the way things are truth be told. I would probably like to see him more, but when I say that, I mean, more than one weekend out of the month. And it isn't like he's super close so I can understand needing to spend some weekends at home. But, overall, I have things I want to work on within myself, tangible and intangible things. And I can't necessarily do that if I am in a full on see you all the time kind of relationship. Those kinds of relationships aren't conducive to independence and probably isn't really a good thing after all. Now, does that mean I don't think he is bordering on being a jackass. Oh yes, I do. But I'm trying to use that in a positive way. Ball's in my court really. So, for now I'm happy with the status quo. And in the meantime I have my WI friend to keep it real for me.

I had a great day yesterday. I ate OP all the way which I realized later may have been some kind of subliminal reaction to my mother being in town. Which, I'm not quite sure what to make of that so I won't even think about it right now.

had to have blood work done and I had to fast so as soon as I got out of the lab at some 10am I hit the closest Dunkin Donuts and had the egg white veggie flat wrap and a cup of coffee. While I liked the wrap and it's relatively low in calories, the 9 grams of fat seems a little high for me AND it really doesn't have much staying power. Nonetheless, it was good.

lunch I had a really good salad with tuna on top and TJ's sesame ginger fat free dressing. Seriously, this has got to be my most favorite salad dressing evah. I thank my friends in Boston so much for shipping this to me when I run out.

I then had a camera shy pear and tall skinny latte from Starbucks. My snack later was a yogurt (white chocolate raspberry) with a little Zeke thrown in. I prefer to flavor the plain ff stuff myself, but this particular flavor is a favorite of mine.

I stopped off at my apt on the way to my grandmother's house to pick up a tuna fillet and black bean salsa so that I could have an OP dinner. God only knew with my mom and dad there what they had decided to make for dinner. My dad likes to eat relatively healthy but he's a tall dude, so he can get away with not always having the best meals. I had the tuna topped with the black bean mango salsa that I picked up at the Farmer's market with Crystal. Wow, that stuff is really good. I may need to go back to get more this weekend. I also had about 1/2 cup of steamed brown rice and home grown tomatoes from my dad's garden in Tally. Talk about a really satisfying meal. It was so good.

I hung out with them for awhile and had a cup of coffee and went home to watch the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh my, I never thought I'd be hooked on a show like that but I really, really like it. And since I didn't get up and run in the morning, I spent the whole show on the bike. By the time I got off my legs felt like rubber, but that was a good thing.

Time to head off to work. Therapy today at lunch time is on my agenda. I'm also packed for lunch today, so it should be a good OP day today as well.

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