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Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday is funday

I finished the majority of the chores yesterday. Well, except for the laundry, but Jesus, I have so much laundry that the fact that I've managed to do all but the whites really deserves some recognition here. Actually, I've pretty much stuck to my plan this weekend. Well, other than eating animal crackers last night after dinner. What?? I've gotten slightly better and I'm measuring, weighing and writing it all down. So I'm hoping to slowly build on my momentum (no, not a Weight Watcher's plug) and actually start making some positive progress rather than maintain. Although, once I lose these 20 pounds, maintenance should be a breeze. I keep reminding myself, that weight loss is 80% what I eat. So STOP EATING ANIMAL CRACKERS!!! And no, there aren't any pictures of them, assholes.

I got up early to fold clothes and eat breakfast and eat a light breakfast and then meet up with Nicole and Cindy at the Farmer's Market on Las Olas. I have reserved grocery shopping for Sunday afternoons as I like to hit up the FM first because I really like the fact that the produce guy there comes from a local organic farm. AND he has fresh eggs, from chickens that they have on the farm. And they are treated humanely. I know because I asked. No, I haven't actually BEEN to the farm, but don't think I won't do a surprise visit to confirm said treatment of their laying hens.

So we met up at the Farmer's Market and then went to La Bonne something or other for brunch. Where I had all intentions of having an english muffin and that was it.

Instead, I had this

Which was seriously the best French Toast I have had in quite some time. What?? It's got bananas and strawberry's on there. Which I paid extra for. But my health is definitely worth it.

Shyanne decided to order ala cart and her breakfast almost cost what mine did and she didn't really eat it. You would think I would learn my lesson, but not me. Nope.

Cindy had this.

Which was crepes w/strawberry's and country potatoes. It was all so good.

I didn't take a picture of Nicole's because she just had eggs and potatoes and toast. It looked good as well, but wasn't photographically worthy. We had a lot of fun and I got good produce and eggs and a good price. And some awesome hummus from the hummus lady. I've decided that she makes really good hummus. The other lady makes a great guacamole and the salsa and ceviche guy has the best salsa going. I also bought a pumpkin bread from the bakery guy. This little market is small, but I really enjoy the vendors. Then we walked up and down looking at some of the little shops.

Back to folding laundry.

Oh and yea, I'm pretty much done eating for the day. I think I've eaten my daily caloric intake with that brunch alone. *sigh* Why do I do that? Oh yea, because it's delicious.

I'll try to remember that when I'm trying to squeeze my fat ass into my jeans!!

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